HyFont Studio为Kika Tech旗下新设立的全球字体部门品牌,主要业 务是为全球语系做字体的设计。HyFont品牌名称是由Hyphen(连字号) 谐音演变而来,Hyphen是拉丁语言中常使用的标点符号,作为两个字 母的合成字连结使用,就像HyFont使用文字连结世界的语言一样。我们 的使命是「Words Designed to Change the World」,我们将使 用文字改变世界。 HyFont Studio is a new Global Type Design Division of Kika Tech. Our goal is to design fonts for all languages in the world. The name "HyFont" is from "Hyphen" which is a punctuation mark used to joint words, and to separate syllables of a single word. It's like our motto "Words Designed to Change the World." We will use fonts to connect and change the world.